Weight Control

It’s all so confusing isn’t it? Food is about more than nourishing the body, it is also used as a means of cultural identity, celebration, entertaining, friendship, and love. But it has become even more complicated with the billions of dollars of programs and products sold in America to assist with weight loss. Which to pick?

Despite all the options available, more and more people are struggling with their weight. Perhaps we need a different approach? A safe approach that is based on achieving improved health. Let’s get back to basics with how we eat and exercise.

Think of years gone by—celebratory foods like cakes were for special occasions – not everyday. Eating out at restaurants was a special treat, not for everyday. Portions of soda were 10 ounces, not 32.

So how do we navigate it all? Choose wisely, and get back to basics—eat less and move more. Though so much more is known about nutrition today than ever before, a few truths have stood the test of time for general principles of healthful eating:

Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. Try picking from the rainbow of colors available to maximize variety.
Choose whole grain foods. Try brown rice with your stir fry or whole wheat spaghetti with your favorite pasta sauce.
Include dried beans (like kidney or pinto beans) and lentils into your meals.
Choose lean meats like cuts of beef and pork that end in “loin” such as pork loin and sirloin. Remove the skin from chicken and turkey.
Include fish in your meals 2-3 times a week.
Choose low-fat dairy such as 1% or skim milk, non-fat or low-fat yogurt and non-fat cheese.
Cut back on high calorie snack foods and desserts like chips, cookies, cakes, and full-fat ice cream.
Watch your portion sizes. Eating too much of even healthful foods can lead to weight gain.

As you maneuver through your efforts at weight loss, don’t forget the basics. Eat less, move more.