Council of Experts

Ron Bialek, MPP, President, Public Health Foundation

James M. Galloway, MD, Rear Admiral – Assistant Surgeon General, U.S. Public Health Service

Amy L Rhine-Pallas, Division Vice President, Abbott Laboratories

Eduardo Sanchez, MD, MPH

Ann L. Albright PhD, RD, Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, CDC

Terry Mason MD, Director, Cook County, Dept. of Public Health

Nancy Turett, Edelman Worldwide

Robert E. Lowe, Kraft Foods

Robert D. Rabon, Vice President, National Center for Youth Issues

Dawn Sweeney, President, National Restaurant Association

Scott D. Murdoch, PhD, RD, President and CEO, NutriStyle Inc.

Christina Economos, Ph.D.Chief Nutrition Officer, Tufts University

Francine Kaufman, MD,  Professor, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles