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We're Just Getting Started

Today and Tomorrow

Building Healthier America is in the initial launch phase with focus groups, pilot sites, creation of our advisory board, and fundraising endeavors happening simultaneously. Our program framework depends on the families, supporters, and advisors with whom we engage.

Pilot Programs in Tucson, Arizona and Hudson, Wisconsin

We Need You!

Our goal is to provide intuitive, relevant and accessible information to our families via both in person services and electronic media. Just what that looks like and what families will find helpful will be designed by those in need of the services. Our pilot sites in Tucson and Hudson are currently in development and will provide us with a better sense of what our families desire…providing the fundamental building blocks to roll out our formal program in both these communities and in other cities.

We are actively seeking participants in Hudson and Tucson, but also in other communities around the country. Interested in learning more and getting involved? Simply click on the button below!

2021 and Beyond


As we move to actual implementation of Building Healthier America in pilot cities, we will be focused on refining our program design and network to make sure it is accessible, relevant and sustainable to the families and communities served. Our objective is to create meaningful engagement with not only families who can use the services we provide, but with community members and organizations that can support the program.

We are in the process of identifying additional program cities including Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington DC, but are not limiting ourselves to just these three. We welcome the opportunity to hear from any community interested in working with us as we build our network. We want feedback from all on what we’re doing today and what you feel we should be doing tomorrow. So feel free to be in contact with your thoughts, ideas, and feedback. We appreciate all!

Putting the Pieces Together

Family Navigator

The Family Navigatorâ„¢ has both a human component and a technology component…pieces currently in development based on the input and needs of the families we serve.

The Human Component – In communities where Building Healthier America has a presence, there will be an individual who is responsible for defining, planning, collecting and disseminating information beneficial to the care of children with chronic illness and disabilities. These individuals will provide key information and community connections among and between services offered through local medical, educational, and human services systems.

The Technology Component – User-friendly technology is a key goal for Building Healthier America. Our technology component will serve as a way for our families to access the information they need at the local, regional and national level. We know the internet is the first place families go to search for relevant information. Our Family Navigator will allow families to access services and information within their own communities using their smart phones, tablet or personal computer – first via a website and ultimately through the Building Healthier America App.

We're Here For You

Family Resources

There are some terrific resources our families can access today while our Family Navigatorâ„¢ is in development. We are in the process of compiling a list of helpful organizations with website and/or app access. It will continually grow as we receive your feedback on what you want to see listed…whether you are a family, educator, medical provider or human services organization.

From Our Board

Andy Nelson

"It's incumbent on us to leverage the strengths of our families and communities to better serve families managing chronic illness or disability."

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