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Building Healthier America

Connecting Families with Children Managing a Chronic Illness or Disability to the Services and Support They Need

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Our Partners & Our Why

Families with children managing a chronic illness or disability report their greatest stress comes from arranging numerous services through multiple agencies. Building Healthier America is building a national network to support families within their home communities so they can better navigate the medical, educational, and human services systems…improving quality of time and life for the entire family.

Build Local Networks

What We Do

Families whose children have a chronic illness or disability must interact with at least three huge bureaucracies: the medical system, the educational system, and the local human services system. Unfortunately, it’s rare the three-share basic information or collaborate on behalf of the child.

Building Healthier America is creating a solution by developing a community network at the local level for families to tap into, so they can share information and resources to help streamline the process.


Who We Serve

Building Healthier America is about inclusivity, not exclusivity. Most organizations focus on singular categories of illness or disability. Our purpose is to serve all – including families with adult-age children.

Families who are managing children with a wide variety of illnesses and disabilities will be served by our program. Our philosophy is to benefit all and that no one will be turned away regardless of a child’s condition. Our unique framework and technology were developed to be family centric, connecting families with others with similar conditions to share resources, knowledge, experiences, and just to talk in a just-in-time information both virtually and in person, most importantly, this is a safe, secure and confidential platform to communicate in.

It's About Connections

Our Vision

Families and their children with chronic illness or disabilities should have access to independent care coordination and family advocacy that is family-centered, community-based and culturally sensitive.

Designed by Our Users

Our Program Goals

The needs of our families are not just medical, educational, or human services related. Stress management, mental health services, employment considerations for parent, clothing needs, claims processing, changes to the physical structure of the home are all services families need.

Our programs are being built from the ground up by families living with chronic illness and disability, we want parents to have the opportunity to customize virtual communities with the resources they need.

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