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Our Tenets

We Believe

What we develop is driven by those we serve. Families at the local level and their community services will provide guidance and the relevant direction needed for our programs...building on the strengths of their own local communities. This strategy will help ensure local support and sustainability as we build a framework that can be replicated in communities across the country.

Nimble Framework

Community Resource

We will be a central community resource for families and their unique needs in navigating local medical, educational, and human services agencies. We have developed a national framework designed to be simple, relevant, collaborative, and adaptable at the local level. That’s not to say once built, it will remain static. We must be nimble enough to evaluate and improve based on the needs of the communities we serve no matter the age or the needs of the child and family.

Pass It On

Family Strength

While our families face challenges based on chronic illness or the disability of a child, there is also an ability to celebrate and share strengths with each other. Community partners like the YMCA, Boys and Girls Clubs and other local organizations can aid in providing a welcoming environment – whether in person or virtually – to bring families together…allowing a comfortable and private forum to share strategies while providing mutual support.

Knowledgable Leadership

Our Leadership and Board

Our Executive Board is made up of people with experience in healthcare and service to families and children with chronic illness and disability. But experience only goes so far. Most importantly, all are passionate about improving the lives of those we serve through their individual and family strengths, and community assets.

From Past to the Present

Our History

Building Healthier America has a history of work to understand the challenges families face when their child has a chronic disease or disability including work funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. We also have worked with cities to reverse the obesity trends faced by children, families and communities – many of whom wrestled with the impact diabetes was having on their lives. Our guiding philosophy is building a sustainable culture of healthy behavior requires engagement in not only the individual behavior, but within our communities. Successful strides for community wide diabetes efforts were made in Chicago, Washington DC, Los Angeles and the Pacific Northwest. The models developed in these communities are transferable to today’s expanded mission of serving families with children managing chronic illness or disability.

Want to Get Involved?

Join Our Advisory Groups

Building Healthier America is actively seeking advisors to help guide us in implementing our mission. We are looking for passionate people willing to contribute their ideas, experience, intellect, and specific talents as we grow. Advisors can be members of a family or someone managing chronic illness or disability, professionals working in healthcare and/or social services, attorneys, teachers, accountants…anyone that has a passion for improving the lives of our families. Your support through funding, time and talent is needed as we build a healthier America.

We hope you consider getting involved. The commitment is not overly time consuming, but we promise you it will be rewarding. To learn more click on the button below.

Interested in Helping with a Financial Contribution?